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Lapland Ballooning


Experience the magic of seeing the Arctic from a hot air balloon.

Lapland Ballooning is a company owned by Aurora Safaris that specialises in offering Arctic Ballooning tours in Swedish Lapland, where ballooning has been a longstanding tradition dating back over a century. Guests can enjoy a unique experience flying above the awe-inspiring forests, frozen lakes, rivers, and mountain peaks, all while relishing the spectacular views of the picturesque surroundings. Moreover, they have a chance to spot a variety of Arctic animals like moose, red fox, hare, and many species of birds, making their journey with Lapland Ballooning a truly unforgettable adventure. (Mid-February to Mid-April)

© Fredrik Broman

Evening Hovering with Chances of Northern Lights

AVAILABLE BY REQUEST ONLY: The "hovering experience" is an exciting activity that involves tying the balloon to the ground at a height of roughly 40 metres, as flying during the night can be dangerous. This incredible adventure typically lasts around 15 minutes and includes delicious snacks, as well as a captivating talk about the Northern Lights and ballooning in the northern regions. The talk can be enjoyed in front of a warm fireplace before or after the flight, adding to the cozy atmosphere. Additionally, guests will have the chance to assist in launching and packing the balloon, providing an immersive experience.

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours. For an even more exclusive and memorable experience, guests can reserve all six seats, and if the weather permits, we will double the time in the air.

Full-Day Balloon Expedition

AVAILABLE BY REQUEST ONLY: Lapland Ballooning offers guests an unforgettable opportunity to soar through the sky during daylight hours, provided that the weather is favourable. Guests are invited to participate in the planning and preparation of the balloon, including its launch, adding to the excitement of the adventure. After the flight, guests are treated to lunch and drinks, and then transported back to their accommodations via snowmobile and/or car. This full-day excursion not only offers guests a chance to fly but also an opportunity to learn about the rich history of the Råne River Valley and the surrounding natural beauty.

Duration: approximately 4-5 hours, with 45 minutes to 1 hour spent in the air. For a truly exclusive experience, guests can purchase all six seats and enjoy a glass of French Grand Cru Champagne to celebrate their landing.

© Fredrik Broman