How it all started

The idea of The Aurora Safari camp “an Arctic glamp-site” came when Fredrik Broman and Jonas Gejke worked together, in Kenya for some years in the Safari industry in the end of the nineties. The Camp was Established by Fredrik in 2013. Jonas joined the business 2017 and in 2022 Jonas and Naila took over the running and ownership of the business.

Image above © Fredrik Broman

a Our journey

Jonas and Naila meet in Kenya in 2004 and have since worked together starting and running camps, balloon company, climbing company and restaurant business with various partners. They decided to move up to Swedish Lapland with their family in 2017 and have made Gunnarsbyn Råne river valley their home.

a Inspiration

The Aurora Safari Camp takes its inspiration from the smaller, hidden bush camp-models in Kenya, but adjusting it for the unpredictable Arctic weather, climate and conditions.

Aurora Safaris is a group of upscale properties that provide all-inclusive Arctic adventures designed to bring together like-minded individuals to enjoy and appreciate the Arctic environment. Our priority is to ensure that guests feel comfortable and at ease, with a personal host who will take care of their needs and preferences, from food to activities. Each property in the Aurora Safaris family brand – Aurora Safari Camp and The Outpost Lodge – has its own unique character, but all share the same values.


The camp is positioned along the Råne River, next to Lake Degerselet in northern Sweden. The lake freezes in winter, giving an uninterrupted view of the night sky and making it the perfect destination for a Northern Lights adventure.

The combination of Nailla’s Kenyan hospitality and Jonas bush knowledge, cooking and hosting is the perfect match to run this family business.