Summer Experiences

A forest full of natural beauty next to a frozen lake in winter, a water wonderland in summer - a wonderfully unique experience.

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Nature Hike

Enjoy a guided nature hike through the Arctic Forest to see amazing views of the forest, learn about the trees, plants, birds, and wildlife and take in the beauty and life that surrounds you. This trip is the perfect opportunity to feel a real connection to nature in this magnificent location.

Duration: 3 hours, including a light lunch.

Guided Canoeing

Explore the local area with your guide on a fantastic canoeing experience. Head out onto the lake and feel the sun shining down and see the beautiful surroundings reflected in the water as you relax and paddle before a delicious alfresco lunch.

Duration: 4 hours, including a light lunch, and promises to be a memorable experience.

© Fredrik Broman

© Aurora Safaris

Forest Cycle Tour with Lunch

Cycling is a fantastic way to explore the forest! Your guide will take you on various tracks and trails to give you the opportunity to see many parts of the forest and surrounding area and along the way will tell you all about the local plants and wildlife that you can see.

Duration: 4 hours and includes a light lunch, ensuring that you have the energy to enjoy the entire journey.


The Aurora Safari Camp and the Floating Camp are surrounded by rivers and lakes which are perfect for honing your fishing skills. Here you will find fishing rich in variety including Pike and Perch as well as other local species. For this trip and depending on the best location on the day, you could try fishing from the boat or you can enjoy from the shoreline

Duration: 5 hours, including a light lunch, giving you ample time to hone your fishing skills and appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings.

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© Fredrik Broman

Storforsen Full-Day Tour

On this amazing full-day trip, you will visit Europe’s largest waterfalls; Storforsen. The falls are impressive to visit all year round; in winter it is particularly spectacular with ice, snow, and whitewater that roars at full power down the rocks whereas in summer it is a blissful place to spend some time exploring with only the sound of the water crashing around you.

Duration: 5-6 hours, including a light lunch, providing ample time to fully appreciate the natural wonder of Storforsen.

Forest Foraging

Get a taste for foraging! With your guide, you will gather wild food from the natural pantry around you! In the forest there are wild berries, mushrooms and plants. You will learn what is possible to eat (or not!) and understand how these ingredients are used in traditional cooking in the North. A lovely, relaxing tour out in the wild.

Duration: 4 hours

© Fredrik Broman

© Fredrik Broman

Visit a Sami Family & their Reindeer

Enjoy a fully immersive Sami experience today. Meet a traditional reindeer keeper family and also their precious animals. A traditional lunch is served and guests will get the opportunity to learn about the Sami culture, their work and their relationship with the reindeer.

Duration: 2-3 hours, including a light lunch, allowing for an in-depth understanding of Sami culture and traditions.

Half day Introduction to Survival in the Wilderness

An amazing experience awaits! On this amazing course; you will learn from highly trained, experienced instructors in a relaxed, lowstress environment on how to survive in the wilderness. You will be provided with all the tools you will need before setting off on a hike into the forest. Here you will be taught the basic elements of Survival Priorities and Kit mentality and, among many other things, learn how to make a fire, navigate and how to find edible plants. This is a very LOW-intensity level class with some walking for short distances at a slow pace to discuss certain resources like fire components and sheltering. Lunch will be provided

Core Lessons

• Gear Selection • Tool Maintenance • Camp Location Priorities • Elements of Fire and Fire Building • Simple emergency Shelter construction • Primary Water Collection and Disinfection (Filtering and Disinfection Process) • Understanding a Compass and Following a Bearing • How to Signal for rescue and Hallmarks of SAR

Duration: 4-5 hours, including a light lunch

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2-Day Canoe Trip

Experience a 2-day canoeing trip into Lapland’s untouched wilderness of the Råneå River area. Board your canoe, take your paddle and be carried by Råneå river into the beautiful surroundings! All camping equipment such as tents, food, etc. are packed in the canoes and in the evening you will set up camp on the shore of the river. Råneå river offers good fishing possibilities too so you can try your luck catching pike, perch and grayling!


Wilderness guide (English and Swedish speaking) • 1 canoe/2 persons • Life jacket • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat • Tent • Cooking and eating utensils • Fishing licence • Lunch and dinner day 1, Breakfast and lunch day 2 • Fika • 1 overnight in tent • Transportation from Gunnarsbyn

Duration: 2 Days