The Outpost Lodge


The Outpost Lodge, once a grocery store in the quaint village of Mårdsel, has undergone an impressive renovation to meet high standards of luxury. Nestled below the Arctic Circle in the heart of Swedish Lapland, and about 1.5 hours away from Luleå Airport, the lodge is surrounded by the meandering Råne River. Its location provides access to vast stretches of wilderness, with a unique terrain that makes it an ideal spot for snowmobiling. The area boasts miles of frozen wetlands that guides eagerly introduce to guests, including the thrilling opportunity to cross the Arctic Circle.

Stay in and unwind

At the Outpost Lodge, guests can bask in the serene Arctic ambiance, which creates a tranquil atmosphere, allowing them to relax and unwind amidst the peaceful surroundings.

The village and its surrounding wilderness offer plenty of snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, and kicksledding activities for guests to explore. One can revel in the unique experience of being immersed in a tiny Arctic village, with just seven locals in residence, where traditional cooking and hospitality are paramount. Additionally, guests can opt to visit the adventurous Aurora Safari Camp, located just 45km down the Råne River, for a combined experience.

*Winter prices starting from: 13200SEK per night, based on double occupancy (Private Suite). Exclusive use prices available on request

Images © Fredrik Broman


December to April

Guests have access to the sauna, kicksled, snowshoes, nordic skis as well as additional winter clothes if needed - so they can enjoy their adventures comfortably and safely.

Included Activities & Experiences

When staying at The Outpost Lodge, guests have access to all the equipment mentioned below, which is included in their stay. The lodge’s guides are available to assist guests in exploring the area, providing either a starting point for independent adventures or accompanying them on their excursions. The terrain of the region is diverse, and throughout the winter months, the guides and hosts ensure that various paths remain open and accessible. Furthermore, the lodge provides extra winter clothing, including suits, boots, hats, gloves, and other necessary items to ensure that guests remain warm and comfortable throughout their stay.


For centuries, kicksleds have been a popular mode of transportation in the North, making them an ideal choice for exploring the snowy terrain in comfort. The smooth runners ensure a seamless ride, allowing guests to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the north with ease.


These are the perfect mode of transportation for those wishing to explore the serene forest and neighbouring surroundings. With their unique design, snowshoes allow individuals to walk on the powdery snow without sinking, making it possible to trek through the wondrous area with ease.

Nordic Skiing

Enjoy a wide variety of skiing experiences, from cruising along the designated tracks to exploring the pristine and untouched wilderness off the beaten path. Whether guests are seasoned skiers or trying it out for the first time, these skis provide an excellent opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the nature that surrounds the camp.

Accommodation at The Outpost Lodge


THE OUTPOST – MAIN LODGE The 1st floor Suite has 3 bedrooms that can be either combination of double or twin, bathroom, a cosy lounge with a fireplace, bar, vinyl player with a s