Lapland Cone Rooms – Aurora Safari Camp

Aurora Safari Camp’s two heated Lapland Cone rooms have a glass roof and panoramic windows facing north. This exceptional feature allows guests to relish remarkable views of the Aurora from the comfort of their rooms.

The cones come with a separate entrance hallway to permit guests to remove their winter clothing and boots before entering. Additionally, each Lapland cone room has an en-suite bathroom with an incineration toilet and wash basin, ensuring that guests have all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.

The rooms are adaptable to be set up as either double or twin rooms.

The Sauna in the Ice and Showers

An extraordinary and unique feature of the camp that is bound to captivate guests! In the winter it becomes a part of the frozen ice, and a small ice pool is available for guests to take a refreshing dip after their sauna session. It is one of the most enchanting highlights of a winter stay at the camp.

This is the designated area for guests to have their showers and sauna sessions. The traditional wood fired sauna is equipped with a 12-volt shower system. Guests have private timeslots to enjoy the sauna and shower facilities, ensuring a comfortable and cosy experience during their stay at the camp.

When staying at Aurora Safari Camp you have the below activities/equipment included:

Fatbikes – Snow-adapted mountain bikes ideal to cruise the winter tracks around the camp.

Kicksleds – The classic transportation in the north for hundreds of years. 

Snowshoes – Ideal for exploring the forest and the nearby islands. 

Nordic Skis – The Nordic way of exploring the area around the camp.

When guests stay at the camp, you have the benefit of using the equipment mentioned above at leisure, as it is included in the package. The Guide is available to provide assistance to guests who would like to venture out and explore on their own or accompany them as they lead the way. The surrounding terrain varies in its complexity, but the guides and hosts have ensured that there are many tracks available for navigation during the winter months.

The camp provides additional winter clothing, including winter suits, boots, hats, gloves, and more, to ensure that guests are well-equipped to handle the cold weather. 

Images: © Fredirk Broman/ Thomas Jönsson/ Wesley Glasmacher

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